Zoo and Aquarium Leadership
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

About ZAL Courses

monkeysThe MAIS concentration in zoo and aquarium leadership offeres three different types of courses.  For information on how to register, see See Registering for ZAL Courses (below)

AZA Affiliated Courses

Some courses are offered in collaboration with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  These involve an intensive one-week residency usually in November and February in Wheeling, WV. The residency is followed by on line work for the rest of the semester.

Semester-long On-line Courses

Some courese are offered on line in the regularly scheduled Mason semester.

Educational Technology Courses (EDIT)

The self-paced EDIT courses are available anytime online. They are offered through Mason's Integration of Technology Certificate Program in the College of Education and Human Development. For more information on these courses, see Overview of EDIT courses (below).

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